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Our Services

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Services

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Gitpo Renew provides a full range of services in the renewable energy and electrification sectors. Whether it is consultation and advice, engineering and design, installation and system maintenance, Gitpo Renew will be with you from conception through to completion. All of our work is carried out by certified engineers and tradespeople and the products we offer are the highest quality available. AzSpecd Solutions is our renewable energy product partner and they represent such well known companies as Phillips & Temro EvoCharge  EV Chargers, The RainStick Shower, and others.

We are constantly searching for the next great renewable energy innovation that we can confidently incorporate into our portfolio and will ensure that we complete your project on time and on budget while respecting the land and the communities that we work in.

Introducing Turbulant Hydro Turbines

Render Turbine 2022 copy_edited.webp

Environmentally Friendly River Turbines

The world of renewable energy is multi-faceted and fast moving. As a turnkey consultant and installation company, Gitpo Renew continues to seek out technology world wide to fill key areas of expertise.

Eco-friendly hydropower for everyone, everywhere | Turbulent is a product of Belgium and offers an extremely eco and fish friendly alternative to large hydro turbines.. Typically installed in rivers and streams, these small turbines sit on the bottom of the river bed and harness the  power of the water without disturbing the natural ebb and flow.

As an Indigenous renewable energy company, Gitpo Renew is committed to providing less invasive forms of renewable energy technology whenever possible and the Turbulant technology certainly checks off all the boxes. We are proud to offer this technology Canada wide and encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

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