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December 6, 2023, Halifax Convention Center


Gitpo Renew was proud to exhibit in our first Atlantic Solar Summit held annually in Halifax. It was a day filled with networking and exchanging ideas in this vibrant industry. We were especially pleased to listen to Michael Maracle Polak of Awekan Sustainable Energy lunch time address to delegates in which he spoke about how real reconciliation needs to look if we are to succeed.

A sincere thank you to everyone that stopped by to chat and ask about what Gitpo Renew stands for. We came away with further belief that what we do can be a key contributor to reconciliation in Canada and to support First Nations communities in their efforts to become participants in renewable energy projects and not spectators.

Hydrogen Storage and Micro Grids

Gitpo Renew is pleased to offer the Harnyss line of energy storage systems Canada wide. Harnyss has arguably developed the world's most advanced green hydrogen and renewable energy storage systems and they will be a huge ally  for Gitpo Renew as we work to support remote First Nations communities as they strive to develop reliable energy storage facilities.

In addition, Gitpo Renew will work closely with green hydrogen developers on Canada's east coast that are seeking reliable storage solutions. As with all Gitpo Renew products we will offer a comprehensive turnkey service from consultation to engineering and installation. Visit their website at Clean Energy Micro Grid — Harnyss: The Power of Hydrogen  to learn more.

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