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Our Projects

Gitpo Renew is committed to honoring Indigenous traditions and respecting Mother Earth in everything we do. Because of this, our focus is on providing renewable energy solutions which are less invasive in nature and that can be incorporated into our communities without disturbing the habitat. Here are some examples of projects our innovative renewable energy partners are working on.

Luvside Vertical Wind Turbines in Cape Town  South Africa- April, 2024

Respecting Indigenous culture and traditions is key to what Gitpo Renew does and a big part of this is using non-invasive renewable energy solutions whenever possible.

The Helix Vertical Wind Turbines from Luvside are a great example of combining aesthetics and quiet operation. This project was recently completed in Cape Town, South Africa, in the waterfront district and allows the turbines to take advantage of prevalent trade winds which flow up the street off the harbor.

These turbines will allow First Nation communities to integrate wind energy and storage right into the community without disturbing the residents or upsetting the ecosystem. Turn up the volume on this video and note the silent operation as people enjoy the day sitting next to them.

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